Black Body Sons

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by Carlton Turner

And it came to pass, that at midnight the Lord smote all the firstborn sons in the land of Egypt…

war on the bodies of black boys
run continuous like Ethiopian marathoners
we grow up shadowboxing fading memories of invisible fathers
as stories of amazing strong present black men are John Henry’d into myth

we fertilize mighty oaks with blood and ashes
hogs’ bellies bloat almost bursting from feasting on our imagination
our songs lull eighth generation hipsters to concrete slumber
our love is a tattered bloody flag flying half mast
our lives are worth sixty cents on the dollar
our dance channels moonsteps and godfathers
we weave life into life with our lives
small localized earthquakes occur every time a pig passes by

we know justice ain’t for brown
all we can do to dam insanity toxic seas
is keep believing,
remember Jesus,
while we do funkman jamboree to the rhythm of the universe spiraling

we are the greasy gears of love and liberation
our mother’s tears fill rivers and oceans
on our backs residual scars
on our minds residual bars
our bodies tattooed with freedoms blueprint
but ink ain’t deep enough to color our souls
we are fallen angels
earthmade soldiers fighting a gravity heavier without wings
our sons are born infected with our father’s original sin
being born in envied fertile earthen skin
injected with the belief that through hard work alone one can win

we are ninth generation-enslaved work force
revolting in windowless cages
blood brushed around our doors from errant bullets
raiding wrong addresses
we are protected from the directive
we are the sons of God
godsons of Africa
African gods grafted and quilted patchwork into American skin
Kindling freedom fighter fires
Firefighters fighting a nation ablaze
Amazed by the daze that the craze of the maze caused
We pause at the corner to acknowledge the loss
Pour out a little latte for our fallen brethren
Kiss two fingers
Throw deuces to heaven and push on

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