7 Trumpets

7 Trumpets: a new evening length work composed and directed by Maurice S. Turner II.


For centuries man has created preconceived notions of doom and gloom, post-apocalyptic nightmares of earthquakes, tsunamis, mountains falling into the sea and deserts bombarded by sudden blizzards. While these images make for fantastic action flicks, its does little for creating art that connects the audience to a greater understanding of what it means to transition. This proposed work will focus on examining this transition through the intersection of the multiple meanings given to the number seven; the Seven Deadly Sins, the Seven Virtues, the Seven Chakras, the Seven Healing Tones, the Seven Colors of the Spectrum of Light, the Seven Sciences, and even the symbolic Seven Seals. 2012 has come and gone and Planet EARTH still remains, that much is certain, what is unclear is what will be the role of humanity once this smoke clears.

7 Trumpets is an evening length performance


7 Trumpets is commissioned by 7 Stages and ArtSpot Productions and is made possible through support from the NPN Creation Fund, Alternate ROOTS Tour and Residency Program.

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